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 Safeguarding and Accessibility


Every school should be a safe place where children and families can thrive. As a school with a high level of pastoral and wellbeing need, developing consistent and reliable processes is vital. The seamless digital ecosystem we have created for monitoring safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues is made possible by the integrated deployment of Apple technology. Our digitised approach ensures our school is a nurturing environment where key information can be shared between instantaneously by staff members in a secure and confidential way. Every member of teaching staff has an iPad which is pre-loaded with a market-leading app called CPOMS (Child Protection Online Management System). Senior Leaders can build chronologies around students and produce powerful reports on vulnerable pupil groups for Case Conference Meetings, Governors, OFSTED, ESTYN and ISI at the touch of a button. 


Apple technology works alongside our existing safeguarding processes. As both Apple devices and CPOMS have an intuitive system, it ensures operative unity of safeguarding processes across the school; supporting children, young people and adults to feel safe and fully supported. In the event an incident needs to be recorded, the iPad device can gather a range of data points, observations and media instantly, alerting relevant parties to ensure a co-ordinated team around the child (TAC) approach. This aids both in the quality and of data gathered and triangulation, ensuring the best informed course of action is selected.





Although Wayfield Primary School is based in one of the greatest areas of deprivation in the U.K. - with over 46% of children receiving Pupil Premium support - we believe that Apple technology is genuinely transforming young lives. Our digital approach raises aspiration, inspires creativity, fosters collaboration and a variety of deeply divisive socio-economic barriers to learning. However, perhaps one of the areas of greatest advancement in recent years has been the growing range of accessibility features available to our learners.

The homogeneous integration of Apple hardware and software allows all children to equitably access education. Due to the high level and wide spectrum of need across the whole school (including ESOL, ADHD, ADD and ASD), the growing selection of accessibility features on iPad devices are vital. These features empower children to discreetly access strategies that enable them to be successful in their learning. Whether using colour overlays, Guided Access, VoiceOver, Zoom, Speak Screen, AssistiveTouch or visual timetables made possible by Keynote, children grow in confidence as they identify and apply their own personal strategies. The immediate availability of digital tools on their iPad alleviates feelings of ostracisation and embarrassment, helping all children to feel like they are an equal member and contributor to every lesson. The spectrum of customisation also means that each iPad reflects the individual, supporting each child with their own unique combination of visible or invisible impairments.


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