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Wayfield Primary School and Nursery

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Early Years

We truly believe that early years education should be about the whole child, the head, the hand and the heart. We are completely committed to delivering a loving, unique and stimulating nursery, where children can be secure, and then develop and grow.


Our incredible staff organise activities based around stories, songs, and rhymes using role play to help build children’s understanding, and we know children thrive when relationships and bonds are built.


Settling In


We work closely with you as your child’s first and most important educator, to learn as much as we can about your child before they start.

We welcome you to stay with your little one until you are happy to leave for short periods. These settling in sessions are free of charge, and are an important time where your child begins to form bonds with our staff, and feel secure when you leave. Each child is unique, and we recognise that some babies and children (and even mums and dads too!) will require a longer period of settling in than others. We understand the importance of attachment to your child’s all round development, therefore we will consult with you if there are any causes for concern, even after your child has settled. On occasion, we may recommend your child go back to some settling in sessions, especially after a significant event at home.

Our nursery is filled with love, fun, laughter and learning. Children thrive at Wayfield Primary School!


Two Year Olds



As a parent, the second year is probably one of the most challenging times

Constantly on the go, interested in everything, and a very distinct group unlike any other age.

At Wayfield Primary School we completely understand this is a period of momentous change where babies are becoming ‘little people’ developing a concept of themselves, as social beings, as language users, as thinkers, and as individuals. At this age they have no regulation of their emotions and this results in dramatic peaks and troughs of their emotions and feelings.


Three and Four Year Olds



The pre-school classrooms include a teaching room for small group activities, a role-play area to enhance imagination and creativity, art activities, and a carpeted space. We’re also proud to say that in our ‘family’ of staff we have fully qualified team at Wayfield Primary School, giving your children the very best head start they can possibly get in preparation for the rest of their childhood.

Learning both indoors and outdoors, children thrive in our nursery due to the richness, variety and opportunities offered. Different children require different experiences, and our staff work on children’s individual interests, as well as regular planning around stories and community visits. This important year supports children to be ready for school, and equips them with the confidence and self-esteem they need for life.


We’ll work with you to provide a financial plan to suit you and your child.


With free early years education, some two year olds, and all three and four year olds, can have 15 hours at Wayfield Primary School free of charge. Some three and four year olds are entitled to 30 hours free. Children can enjoy 15 or up to 30 hours free of charge for 38 weeks of the year incurring no cost to parents at all.


Parents can also top up hours at a cost of £5.00 per hour. 



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