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 Our Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy is built upon four ambitious objectives. These pillars are designed to nurture collaboration, inspire innovation and raise aspiration across our entire school as we continue our Apple journey.


Wayfield will be an exemplar for high quality teaching and transformational learning. Our school will become a continuous digital learning environment, where our entire community can use iPads and Apple products to capitalise on opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere. A robust curriculum and senior digital leadership will promote organic collaboration, active engagement and subject passion. This integrated Apple ecosystem will empower teachers to confidently and creatively deliver an engaging curriculum where every child is proud to achieve.



Experimentation, exploration and engagement will be fostered through an integrated, cross-subject, approach to creativity. Responsive teaching and continuous reflection cycles will empower children to lead learning whilst also sharing, receiving and acting upon constructive in-the-moment feedback. Our blended learning approach will spark creativity and curiosity across all subjects. An immersive creative curriculum will give children foundational knowledge, unique first-hand experiences and enthralling content, developing the breadth of transferable skills and digital expertise needed for the world of tomorrow.



Our school community will be strengthened by greater openness, the establishment of relevant digital communication pathways and distributed leadership. Using a range of mediums, we will nurture a shared-understanding and responsibility for progress across our community. We will celebrate success and diversity, using our Apple ecosystem to connect pupils, parents and practioners so that they can contribute in meaningful and authentic ways. We will model the value of effective oracy, communication and relationships; speaking articulately, listening to each other and acting with purpose.


Inclusive access to the curriculum, community and learning will be promoted by developing personalised pathways of progress for each learner. Children will become intentional learners, accessing a range of strategies to support their autonomy, development and wellbeing. Constructive alignment of lesson objectives, outcomes and student voice, will ensure content is adapted and impactful. Learners will be empowered to reflect as part of their everyday practice, unlocking the potential of their iPad to intuitively overcome barriers to learning as they arise.

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