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 Schoolwork, Keynote and iMessages

We have three key applications (apps) which connect learning across the school; Schoolwork, Keynote and iMessages. The establishment of these three principal apps ensures children have a fluency and mastery of the digital ecosystem they are accessing on a daily basis. As they progress through the school, children learn how to realise the full potential and functionality of these apps; continuously building on and connecting their prior knowledge. Read more about how we use the apps below.



Schoolwork is the primary host of class assignments, supporting children to efficiently navigate schemes of learning, assessment and activities. Within each sequence of learning, each module or topic is organised so that children can revisit, access and engage with previously completed work quickly. This approach empowers children to improve recall and retrieval skills whilst also providing them with the opportunity to revisit learning in greater depth if they feel unsure of their next steps. As a platform, the app strengthens the culture of collaboration fostered throughout Wayfield Primary School, with teachers and other students able to submit work and view progress in real-time.



Keynote is a powerful presentation app. Primarily used by teachers to craft and structure lesson content, children also use the app to present their own knowledge, understanding and reasoning. The app is highly versatile. The wide variety of design tools and customisation features allow teachers to create engaging content for any theme. Whether constructing animated timelines, collaborating instantaneously on class presentations, recording science experiments, editing writing or accessing a plethora of reading content from our digital library, Keynote supports dynamic lessons that seamlessly bind together a variety of media. 


iMessages supports our vision for a school of intentional, questioning and articulate communicators. The way children and adults communicate in the modern Digital Age has evolved rapidly. Ensuring children learn how to access this medium respectfully, safely and purposefully is vital. Meaningful collaboration can only occur when communication is effective and the app is embedded with this in mind. Teachers model how the application should be used, sharing relevant content, deepening questions and information, such as newsletters or images of their learning that they can share with their grown ups. Children can reach out to their teacher or class peers on iMessages through a secure and regulated online forum, working together on shared learning, flipped learning or extra-curricula projects.

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