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Wayfield Primary School

Proud to Achieve

Primary First Trust

The Primary First truly celebrates and nurtures the diversity and distinctiveness of its partner schools. We are a growing network of 10 individual primaries across Bexley, Gravesham and Medway. All are at different points in their journey - each with a unique context, considerable strengths and specific opportunities. Our refreshingly collaborative way of working, enviable track record and deep understanding of primary-based learning gives us an unmistakeable edge in driving up standards in every area of school life.

Our Vision is to be First for Primary Education.

First Class - for outcomes and overall pupil experience

First Choice - for parents choosing a school and for staff developing their careers

First Voice - as thought-leaders, pushing boundaries and raising standards



Our values are at the heart of every decision we make. They drive us forward, centre us as a team and underpin all that we do. Above all, as an organisation we strive for:

Adventure - to be bold, courageous risk-takers;

Creativity -to embrace ideas, demand clear-thinking and inspire innovation;

Excellence - to set high standards, champion ambition and reward dedication.


Our innovative approach to education leadership is rooted in a simple belief: We grow stronger by working together. We are a schools Group - and not just a group of schools. The distinction is important. It means that we are so much more than the sum of our parts, adding real, tangible value across the portfolio, allowing our schools to grow stronger than they ever could as standalones, or in loose affiliation. The upshot is a collaborative leadership model that eschews 'one size fits all' in favour of distinct voices, open minds and shared learning.


At the heart of our education leadership is the School Development Group (SDG) chaired by our CEO and led by our 2 Education Directors. Headteachers from each school complete the group and together they create, develop and deliver the Trust's Education Strategy, known as The PFT Education. Implicit in this model, is the notion that no school, or single person has a monopoly on wisdom.


We acknowledge our diverse contexts, respect our different experiences and relish the sharing of best practice.  



No Tablets of Stone. Freedom to Grow

At Primary First, it's a non-negotiable that for a school to become truly successful in the community they serve, they must retain, enhance and develop their own unique character and ethos. Unlike some educational organisations, you won't find that we homogenise our schools around a set of rigid ideas of what great education looks like. In contrast, we work within the core concepts below, to provide a clear framework that unites us.


In their curriculum design, our schools consider:

Knowledge - Know the world

Personal Development - Know yourself

Connectivity - Know how it all fits together


In doing so, our schools nurture happy, confident and capable young people ready to play their full part in the world at large. 


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