Parent Notice_Primary First Schools



During your child’s school years, the school nurse will carry out, with your consent, height and weight measurements as recommended by the Medway NHS Trust. A form will be sent home for your agreement and signature.

Accident and Illness at School

Every effort is made to contact parents when a child has an accident or is feeling unwell at school. Minor accidents will be attended to during the school day by trained first aiders. When parents cannot be consulted, first aid, medical assistance or hospital treatment will be sanctioned. It is essential, therefore, that we have an up-to-date emergency contact telephone number for every pupil.

Medicines in School

Parents are required to complete and sign a school medicine request form, which is available from the school office or see link below to download. Please ensure that all medicines sent to school are clearly labelled with your child’s name and required dosage. Asthma inhalers may be sent into school and should be handed directly to the class teacher. They must be clearly marked with the child’s name.

[Medical Request Form]

Medical Appointments

To avoid loss of learning time, we request that appointments are to be made after school or during school holidays wherever possible.